We believe that the possibilities brought by the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, will allow complete optimization of production processes. And this can be achieved only by the integration of systems - in the field of automation, IT and logistics. What that means is that key processes would get gradually incorporated into the already automated area, considering further production zones and structures - especially internal logistics. We turn this idea into new solutions for industry. This is how Radical Automation works.




 The approach to the automation process should be holistic and should cover all business-related areas and resources of the production company that will be combined into one coherent communication ecosystem. This means gradual incorporation of key processes into the already automated area, regarding further production zones and structures - especially internal logistics. The essence of Radical Automation is to extend the automation of the production process to other areas. In this approach, the Radical Automation model should be understood as:

  • vastly increased commitment to process automation, exceeding the company's previous expectations,
  • vastly expanded sense of which production and auxiliary processes can the automation really involve.

    Our products and services


    • Autonomous Guided Vehicle - FORMICA 1

     The new generation of FORMICA 1, a self-propelled transport cart, is the AIUT's response to the growing market demand for automated and digital production. The technologically advanced AGVs will bring its users optimization of the processes, increasing the efficiency of tasks in the production, warehouse and logistics sectors.

    FORMICA 1 is an intelligent transport vehicle, ready to work in any industrial space, with the possibility of integration with home systems already implemented in the particular enterprise. The extensive navigation system, based on LIDAR technology, allows FORMICA 1 vehicles to create a virtual map of the working environment and to track traffic in the robot's surroundings. The device automatically starts the charging process after an eight-hour continuous cycle. Once fully charged, it automatically gets back on its duty.

    Advanced, certified safety systems that our AGVs are equipped with, guarantee full control of the area in which the robot operates, allowing the staff to work without interruption in the areas of the vehicle activity. The Safety System also detects non-standard obstacles on the designated route and gives the full control over the transported load.


    • Location of objects in the production area

    The location of elements and objects (including people) in production halls is a new opportunity for enterprise management, provided by the technologically advanced indoor location system from AIUT. Our intelligent solution, based on the IoT technology, offers real-time location tracking of employees, materials or warehouse resources - all for the best assessment of work efficiency and its constant improvement. The system allows a detailed status analysis of all monitored objects, based on real-time and historical data. It allows locating indoor and outdoor spaces, depending on the needs of the enterprise. The system cooperates entirely with AGV FORMICA 1, creating an intelligent communication platform. Thanks to the location of the objects, our vehicles gain a full view of the working environment. They can also exchange information between themselves for the optimal route to be chosen. 

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